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Welcome to the Systems Realization Laboratory

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The Systems Realization Laboratory was founded by four faculty (Farrokh Mistree, Janet Allen, Bert Bras and David Rosen) who all came to Georgia Tech in 1992. Chris Paredis joined us in 2002.  We have a very strong research program, but being at an educational institution, we assert that our primary mission is to provide an opportunity for students to learn how to rise to their full potential. That is why we view and want students as colleagues - colleagues who have a dream and a passion to make a difference and want to be the thought leaders of tomorrow.

In 2009, Farrokh Mistree and Janet Allen retired from Georgia Tech and started a new career at the University of Oklahoma.  The remaining faculty members decided to sunset the SRL.

The current web-pages provide a historic overview of the SRL, but are no longer actively maintained.

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